Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sex talk is our dirty little secret

Welcome to Taboo Adult Topic Time

In our modern day and age, it still seems that many topics are to taboo to discuss.  When in reality many of those topics are happening in our average family homes all over the world.  Being able to discuss those topics and learn more about them could and would be hugely beneficial to many aspects of our lives.  If you feel the same way, you have found the right place.  We will be discussing a number of things listed below are a few of the headlines you will be seeing.
  • ·         Sex
  • ·         Sex toys
  • ·         Ejaculation
  • ·         Male and female orgasms
  • ·         Oral sex
  • ·         The intimate way to spice up our relationships
  • ·         Sex myths
  • ·         Multiple orgasms together

Reader Participation
There will be many more topics including the ones suggested from all of you. Unlike many places, I want to hear from all of you on your suggestions of topics, thoughts on the information in current topic, personal experiences or anything else you feel is relevant to our current topic.  Since we are just beginning, it will take some time to grow our audience and increase our discussion participation. Feel free to share our topics whenever you would like. I want this to be a place you can come for answers on these topics or the one helping someone else with their questions or concerns.
I will be posting a minimum of three new topics a month. The first topic is going to cover Female Ejaculation.  This article will be up by the end of the week, so any suggestions before than will be included in the article.  Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Feel free to contact me at anytime